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south coast movers reviews

This is a small portion of real-time planning with South Coast Movers and our customers along with stamped dates and time. These are a few of our customers that we have communicated with via text. Everyone can't be on their phones planning personal services or talking over the phone and being at their place of employment so we make it as convenient as possible to plan your move with our moving company.

South Coast Movers also gives verbal move quotes and book moves over the phone. After we give a verbal move quote, we follow up with a texted move quote or most of the time we just send out an email with an estimate and move confirmations.



Tameka H

     Tameka, South Coast Movers. I can get you in on Tues. between 9-11am. Please advise ASAP
9/9/17 5:44 PM

     Yes thank you so much! Tameka
9/9/17 7:41 PM


     Hi I just want to verify that you have me down for tomorrow move! Thank you Tameka Harmon
9/11/17 1:18 PM

     Yes between 9-11am but look at it being closer to 11 though.
9/11/17 1:20 PM

9/11/17 1:20 PM

     Tameka, is the beltway still closed from south to memorial ??
9/12/17 10:15 AM

     It should be opened and yes. Are we still on for today?? Should I give him cash or check or Cc information??
9/12/17 10:27 AM

     Sorry I missed your text you guys about done?
9/12/17 1:07 PM

     Just finished! Thank you!

Lisa R

     CONF - South Coast Movers, you are all set between 6-7am Sun
9/9/17 4:43 PM

     Thank you so much! I have (4) tickets + (2) parking passes
9/9/17 4:45 PM

     Do they have stuff to wrap the beds?
9/9/17 4:46 PM

     We have moving pads and all other equipment. Bed bags are totally up to the customer to purchase from Lowe's, Home Depot, Public Storage ETC.
9/9/17 4:49 PM

     We do pad everything that goes in to our trucks and fully enclosed cargo trailers. Most people don't bag up the mattresses but that is up to the customer.
9/9/17 4:52 PM

     Ok Thanks!
9/9/17 4:53 PM

     Hi Lisa, South Coast Movers. Just a follow up to see if all went well with your early a.m. move.
9/11/17 1:25 PM

     It was early and they were great! Thanks so much for all your help
9/11/17 1:27 PM

     BTW, did M***** & A**** go to the game?
9/11/17 8:10 PM

     Don't know they are off till Weds but not to much will get him on a move at 6 in the A.M. Thanks!
9/12/17 10:11 AM

9/12/17 10:11 AM


     Hi Nancy, South Coast Movers. Just confirming a remote booking from a team member for 9-9-17 between 9-11am. Please confirm.
9/8/17 6:38 PM

     Yes, great! Tomorrow, 9-9 @ 9-11am Thank you!
9/8/17 6:41 PM

     OK, you are all set. Your movers will call or text you 1/2 before they get out to your place. But just expect them between 9-11am.
9/8/17 6:45 PM

9/8/17 6:57 PM

     Hi Nancy, South Coast Movers. Just a follow up to see if all went well with your move and were your moving cost in line with what was quoted to you.
9/11/17 1:47 PM

     Absolutely, it was great! You saved the day. Thank you. I already spread the word of the great service on Facebook.
9/11/17 1:49 PM

     You are welcome and thank you.
9/11/17 1:52 PM

Mia M

     It's Mia. My email address is ******
8/30/17 12:08 PM

     Mia, this is C******. I sent your quote to the email you sent me. We are all out of the office now so please contact me through this text or email. If you want to get started please proceed ASAP.

     Hi.. we definitely need you, but since this morning, we've had people come to help, so I think it will be half the work. We might need half the boxes for fragile items
8/30/17 2:49 PM

     Well we just missed the cut off point to pick up supplies so we can't get boxes till 9am. I will cut your box count to 60 ($1500) BUT we still need a c/c deposit of $250 before we go any further.
8/30/17 3:40 PM

     K** - I'm so sorry, but I'm completely overwhelmed. The costs are killing us. We're going to try to manage the move with friends and borrow a truck. We've got lots of volunteers. It won't be perfect, but it's one less thing we have to pay for. Thanks for your time today.
8/30/17 5:42 PM

     I understand...if you have everything packed up, we can do it for half the original cost. Just letting you know there are few to no rental trucks in or around Houston. There are 1,000's of people in need of rental trucks right now. Best of luck....
8/30/17 5:56 PM

     I hope you fared well with your move. We do understand cost. Call us if you need a move out of your storage. Best of luck and wished with the restoration. South Coast Movers
9/8/17 5:29 PM

     Thank you and will do
9/8/17 9:25 PM

Darren E (Several moves)

     Hi Darren, South Coast Movers. Having several moves with our company I tried best I could to reflect that into your cost sent here: ********
6/20/17 2:11 PM

     Darren, I'll set you move time between 11-1pm. That way you can be loaded out about the same time you pick up your key, let me know if that will work for you South Coast Movers.
6/22/17 5:43 PM for me
6/22/17 5:44 PM

     Cool, your movers will call or text you 1/2hr before they get out to your place...Is there a gate code?
6/22/17 5:46 PM

     No gate...literally straight from my door 50ft up the sidewalk to the street
6/22/17 5:51 PM

     Darren, SCM. Do we need to back your move time to 10-12? If you do 9-11 your movers may by all loaded out and ready to unload before 12.
6/23/17 10:56 AM

     U text me yesterday and changed it to 11-1 for that exact reason...
                                    houston to austin

6/23/17 11:22 AM

     Correct, I saw the last update on your email as 9-11 but we're on the same page with 11-1pm now.
6/23/17 11:24 AM

     Ok cool
6/23/17 11:25 AM

     I hope the rain delays didn't cause any problems??

     Nah y'all did me great...appreciate everything
6/27/17 10:00 AM

Michelle W (Several moves)

     Michelle, South Coast Movers. I see this may be your 5th or 6th move with us. I can give you last years prices for 06/24/17 between 2-4pm

6/20/17 2:40 PM

     Excellent. Please book me between 2-4pm
6/20/17 3:19 PM

     OK, you are all set...your same movers will call or text you 1/2hr before they get out to your place but just expect them between 2- 4pm. No worriers we'll take care of you as always.
6/20/17 6:43 PM

     Thanks you are awesome
6/20/17 6:52 PM

     Will you take a credit card payment on Saturday? From michelle johnson
6/22/17 11:32 AM

     Yes, that will be fine....
6/22/17 11:36 AM

     Just text me when you are 20 min out from **** Streamwood Ln Rosenberg tx 77469 Thanks
6/24/17 3:49 PM

     Hi Michelle, South Coast Movers. Thanks for your patience with the rain delays. We're glad we got everything done despite the weather.
6/27/17 9:53 AM

     Thank you you guys did a terrific job. Hopefully I won't be moving anytime again soon but if I do I will give you a call. Thank you for the excellent customer service once again �
6/27/17 9:56 AM

Heidi H

     Hello Heidi, South Coast Movers. Your confirmation and move quote was sent here: *****
8/3/17 11:08 AM

     Great, received!
8/3/17 11:09 AM

     Heidi, South Coast Movers. Are we still on for you 9-11 move today? If so your movers will be there closer to 11.
8/16/17 9:24 AM

8/16/17 10:09 AM

     Hello Heidi, South Coast Movers. Just a follow up on your move about our service and to see if our move quote was what you expected to have paid.

     Great service! Great guys! They did a fantastic job!
8/19/17 6:03 PM

This format of open text is something we started back in March, 2017. Something that not only helps with communication but also gives our customers a majority of our discussions concerning their move, move cost, moving date etc.

Most people who do receive a good move simple does not have time or just don't care to give an online comment with Yelp, Google, Facebook and other media sites. There are a lot of moving companies, well not just moving companies but companies in general  that will give discounts for a few stars somewhere online.

There are even people who have contacted us on how they can post 5 Star reviews on Yelp and other reviews services for a fee. South Coast Movers would not suggest for any business to adopt these practices. A Company has to realize once their company start paying for this type or service should be warned that they can not stop paying for that type of reviews for their company. Why? Because these same unscrupulous people can remove the 5 stars they fraudulently posted and begin to 1 star your company or write scams about your company if they are not paid.

Movers to and from:

Dallas / Fort Worth - Austin - San Antonio - Lufkin - Lubbock - Corpus Christi - Beaumont - College Station - Bryan - Galveston

South Coast Movers can get you moved from "Houston to Beaumont" as well as moving you from "Houston to San Antonio". Need a packing service for your city to city move? See our low prices when moving from Houston to Beaumont. If you are planning a DIY move to Beaumont to Houston, South Coast Movers can help you load out your rental truck (Penski, Uhaul, Budget etc.). Call us if you are driving in to Houston and need your rental truck unloaded. We'll bring out all the equipment that will be needed to load or unload your truck. For more details on loading and unloading my truck, just follow load and unload my rental.

Need Movers in Clear Lake Texas?

We can get you moved from anywhere around Houston to or From Clear Lake Texas or just a local moving in Clear Lake TX. Call us or follow "Movers in Clear Lake". When calling, ask to compare our hourly rate moving to our flat rate moves in or around the city of Houston. We can provide you with loading or unloading help only or a full moving crew and packing service. Call today and get a move quote for you move today.

south coast movers reviews

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