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There are basically two types of moving cost or prices offered from movers in Houston and the surrounding areas of Houston Texas.
First "The Flat Rate Move" which is a cost determined on the exact pieces of furniture, boxes, beds etc. that would be moved. With the flat rate move cost, there are several cost and they can consist of a trip charge, flights of stairs, load/unload distance (your door to movers truck), miles and extra stops along the way. These things are all calculated in the flat rate cost which would be an upfront price quote and does not move on a timely basis but an itemized move rate.

Second "The Hourly Rate Move" This price can average from $69 per hour for a two man crew to $100 per hour for a two man crew with weekend moving being extra with some moving companies. South Coast Movers rate is $85 per hour for a 2 man crew and $110 per hour for a 3 man crew. With most moving companies these prices will be higher on weekends. South Coast Movers hourly rates are the same seven days a week. More or less furniture only equates into time and the hours used on a move, which determines your final cost.

Get a FLAT RATE MOVE COST for your move along with 10% off for submitting your move request here on-line. We will also approximate what an hour rate will be and you can compare the two move cost and then price your move.

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South Coast Movers will help you move to Houston or relocate you from Houston with a flat rate move cost.

South Coast Movers will help you now and be with you all the way through your move. Fill out any of our easy move forms or call us now if your are in need of movers in Houston Texas or cities surrounding Houston TX. Get a flat rate move or an hourly rate move, we will explain both types of moves and offer the best move rate for your needs. If you are planning on relocating to Houston or relocating from Houston we have great rates moving from City to City in Texas. South Coast Movers are Houston movers based in Houston Texas but not limited to moving in Houston.

Also lowest prices moving to and from:

Dallas / Fort Worth - Austin - San Antonio - Lufkin - Lubbock - Corpus Christy - Beaumont - College Station - Bryan - Galveston

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