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                            medium - large -wardrobe boxes
Note: Box sizes my vary an inch or two

Boxes and packing you will need to move

Boxes and packing material is relatively easy to find however the price and cost of packing for your move can become quite expensive. There is no simple box kit for any given dwelling so what we have done in our chart below is to give you an idea of cost you can expect to have. Again this chart of boxes and other packing materials is on average what we move from each type of apartment or home.

When boxing start as early as you can with your packing. Normally you can start with things and clothes you rarely use. We would also advise doing one room at a time or one part of your home at a time and just work your way through. At any time that you are packing and decide you need help, you can call South Coast Movers and we'll be glad to help with last minute packing and perhaps a same day move. We are here to help with your packing and move with a fair price.

How many boxes will I need for a 1 bedroom apartment?

  1. 10 - 20 BOXES
  2. Small moving boxes (4-5) or book boxes 15x12x9
  3. Medium moving boxes (6-8) 18x15x12 boxes
  4. Large moving boxes (2-4) 24x18x15 boxes
  5. Packing tape 2-3 rolls
  6. Permanent marker (2)
  7. Paper 8-10lbs.
  8. 1-Roll bubble wrap (optional)
  9. 1-18" roll of stretch wrap (optional)
  10. 1-Mattress bag (optional)
  11. 2-Wardrob boxes (optional)

How many boxes will I need for a 2 bedroom apartment?

  1. 20 - 30 BOXES 
  2. Small moving boxes (10-15) or book boxes 15x12x9
  3. Medium moving boxes (8-10) 18x15x12 boxes
  4. Large moving boxes (2-4) 24x18x15 boxes
  5. Packing tape 3-4 rolls
  6. Permanent marker (2)
  7. Paper 10-15lbs.
  8. 1-roll bubble wrap (optional)
  9. 1-18" roll of stretch wrap
  10. 2-Mattress bags (optional)
  11. 3-Wardrobe boxes (optional)

How many boxes will I need for a 3 bedroom apartment?

  1. 40 - 60 BOXES 
  2. Small moving boxes (20-30) or book boxes 15x12x19
  3. Medium moving boxes (10-15) 18x14x12 boxes
  4. Large moving boxes (6-10) 24x18x15 boxes
  5. Packing tape 6-8 rolls
  6. Permanent marker (3)
  7. Paper 30-50lbs.
  8. 3-rolls bubble wrap (optional)
  9. 2-18" rolls of stretch wrap
  10. 3-Mattress bags (optional)
  11. 6-Wardrobe boxes (optional)

4 PLUS BEDROOM HOUSE - May need an in-home estimate

  1. 1-Free estimate by South Coast Movers
  2. We can supply all packing materials.
  3. We can prep-wrap furniture.
  4. We can disassemble and re-assemble.
  5. We can pack all boxes.
  6. We can unpack all boxes.
  7. We can remove used packing material.
  8. Let us know what we can do for you.
Call us and set up an in home estimate today.

Get a FLAT RATE MOVE here along with 10% off for submitting your move request online. We will also approximate what an hour rate will be and you can compare the two move cost and then price your move.

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Your Movers in Houston Texas before and after your move

Click Questions for Answers

I need to pack and move my house - Can I get an in home estimate?

Yes we can give you an in home estimate to pack and move your house. In fact we recommend that anyone with a home over 1600sq. ft. get an in home estimate. You would get your move estimate in writing and on the movers return everyone would be on the same page with cost, logistics and inventory of your home furnishings. Call us today and set up your free in home estimate 281-261-7530

I am looking for movers in Houston - Are you a Houston moving company or a broker?

We service the greater Houston area along with the surrounding cities of Houston and cities near Houston. We at South Coast Movers do understand you are looking for real movers in Houston for your move and not a web site offering moving services in Houston and a broker selling your move information to a pool of other moving companies. We at South Coast Movers book our moves for South Coast Movers. We don't sell your information to anyone for any purpose like many brokers on-line that can be pulled up with a search for "movers in Houston" or any other search for Houston Movers. You book your move with South Coast Movers and South Coast Movers will be there on your moving day. Our privacy policy is posted on this home page.

Can I get my truck loaded / unloaded?

Yes we can unload your rental truck or load your rental truck. Our moving company will also bring out professional moving equipment to get your move done quick.

I need city to city movers - can you get me relocated?

Yes we can help you with your city to city move whether your cities are as close as Pearland to Clear Lake or from Houston to Dallas. Below in this image charts the average cost to move to and from the greater Houston area. Tell us where you want to move to or from - city to city or within your own city. Give us a call and we'll give you a move quote for your city to city move.

city to city moving

I just need a few pieces of furniture moved around in my home - can you do this?

Yes we can rearrange your furniture in your home, from room to room, upstairs / downstairs, out to your garage and yes we can also disassemble and reassemble furniture as well for you.

Does your moving company have hidden charges?

South Coast Movers does not have any hidden charges. If you fill out our on-line move quote for a flat rate. You will see everything you would be charged for on your move quote. Our invoice to follow would have the same cost and logistics as your move quote. You can get that quote HERE.

Will my furniture be protected and covered?

Yes your furniture will be protected and covered, we can also "place wrap" any piece of furniture with moving pads and a tight fit plastic wrap before it leaves your house, apartment or office.

Does South Coast Movers offer a packing service?

Yes - South Coast Movers offers a packing service. We would supply all boxes and packing material and box up everything where as needed. If you have your own boxes and packing material, that would be fine too. South Coast Movers can also prep out furniture before move day (pad and stretch wrap). Call us for a quote regarding this service 281-261-7530

Does your moving company offer any kind of discounts?

Sometimes we do have specials and discounts for our moves and post them on this page. We do offer Student Discounts, Senior Citizen Discounts, Handicap Discounts. These discounts are up to 10 percent of the cost of your move and only one discount per move. Verification of said discount may be required. Another way you can save money on your move (up to 25%) watch this short 2 minute VIDEO. It's just about ten simple tips on cost cutting your move.
Do I have to pay a deposit for my move?
No you do not have to pay a deposit for your move. Payment for your move will be expected the day of your move, unless you have payed prior to your move with a credit card. Either way you pay for your move you will receive a receipt.

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