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Movers in Missouri City TX - South Coast Movers is a company where you'll get a flat price move or hourly rate move. We are local movers relocating households seven days per week. Same day moves are welcome - if you want a same-day move hurry and call us now and we will see if we can get a crew out to your home, workplace or storage today. We can phelp plan out your move for low cost, less time and a quote in writing (email). Call us or fill out our free flat form below and save 10%.

Moving services in Missouri City includes:

  • Instant move quotes
  • Same day moving (call before noon)
  • Apartment relocating (city to city)
  • Office moving and packing
  • Home moving and packing
  • Movers and packers
  • Packing only
  • Load / unload rental trucks
  • In home rearranging of furniture
  • Free in home estimate
  • 10% off when you get your move quote online.

South Coast Movers covers more than just Fort Bend Co. and Harris County but all of Texas, call us or just get a written quote here. Get a free move quote from South Coast Movers and see highly competitive flat rates.  

Local moving to / from theses cities and more:

  1. Dallas / Fort Worth
  2. Austin / San Antonio
  3. Lufkin (Nacogdoches - Chester - Wells)
  4. Lubbock (Corrigan - Snow Hill - Liberty)
  5. Corpus Christi (Taft - Robstown - Odem)
  6. Beaumont (Lumberton - China - Orange)
  7. College Station / Bryan Galveston
  8. (Kemah - Hitchcock - Santa Fe)

If you are moving to or from Missouri City TX, we can help you with your move from city to city or within MO City. Call us and get a free move estimate or do it here online and save 10% now. Call us today, we can help you with your moving needs and concerns.  

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Click Questions for Answers

I need to pack and move my house - Can I get an in home estimate?

Yes we can give you an in home estimate to pack and move your house. In fact, we recommend that anyone with a home over 1600sq. ft. get an in-home estimate. You would get your move estimate in writing and on the movers return everyone would be on the same page with cost, logistics, and inventory of your home furnishings. Call us today and set up your free in-home estimate 281-261-7530

I need "hourly rate movers in Missouri City" what are your hourly move rates?

We can give you an hourly rate move quote on 2, 3 and 4 man crews. You can refer to hourly rate movers in Missouri City here you can get moving rates and a move cost.

I need "flat rate movers in Missouri City" can I get a flat rate move quote?

Yes you can get a flat rate move quote. You can refer to flat rate movers in Missouri City here we can give you a flat rate move quote in writing.

I am looking for movers in Missouri City - Are you a moving company or a broker?

We service the Missouri City area along with the surrounding cities of Houston. We at South Coast Movers do understand you are looking for real movers for your move and not the web site offering moving services in your area and a broker selling your move information to a pool of other moving companies. South Coast Movers book our moves for South Coast Movers. We don't sell any information to anyone for any purpose like many brokers on-line You book your move with South Coast Movers and South Coast Movers will be there on your moving day. Our privacy policy is posted on this home page.

Can I get my truck loaded / unloaded?

Yes we can unload your rental truck or load your rental truck. Our moving company will also bring out professional moving equipment to get your move done quick.

I need city to city movers - can you get me relocated?

Yes we can help you with your city to city move whether your cities are as close as Pearland to Clear Lake or from Houston to Dallas. Below in this image charts the average cost to move to and from the greater Houston area. Tell us where you want to move to or from - city to city or within your own city. Give us a call and we'll give you a moving quote for your city to city move.

city to
                                          city moving

I just need a few pieces of furniture moved around in my home - can you do this?

Yes we can rearrange your furniture in your home, from room to room, upstairs / downstairs, out to your garage and yes we can also disassemble and reassemble furniture as well for you.

Does your moving company have hidden charges?

South Coast Movers do not have any hidden charges. If you fill out our on-line move form for a flat rate. You will see everything you would be charged for on your move quote. Our invoice to follow would have the same cost and logistics as your move quote. You can get that quote HERE.

Will my furniture be protected and covered?

Yes your furniture will be protected and covered, we can also "place wrap" any piece of furniture with moving pads and a tight fit plastic wrap before it leaves your house, apartment or office.

Does South Coast Movers offer a packing service?

Yes - South Coast Movers offers a packing service. We would supply all boxes and packing material and box up everything where as needed. If you have your own boxes and packing material, that would be fine too. South Coast Movers can also prep out furniture before move day (pad and stretch wrap). Call us for a quote regarding this service 281-261-7530

Does your moving company offer any kind of discounts?

Sometimes we do have specials and discounts for our moves and post them on this page. We do offer Student Discounts, Senior Citizen Discounts, Handicap Discounts. These discounts are up to 10 percent of the cost of your move and only one discount per move. Verification of said discount may be required. Another way you can save money on your move (up to 25%) watch this short 2 minute VIDEO. It's just about ten simple tips on cost cutting your move.
Do I have to pay a deposit for my move?
No you do not have to pay a deposit for your move. Payment for your move will be expected the day of the move, unless you have paid prior to your move with a credit card. Either way you pay for your move you will receive a receipt.
I am moving to Missouri City - can you tell me more about Missouri City?
The area in which Missouri City is now located holds a significant part in the history of Texas that dates back to its early days as part of the United States. In August 1853, the Buffalo Bayou, Brazos, and Colorado Railway (BBB&C), began operating its first twenty miles (32 km) of a rail line that stretched from Harrisburg (now Houston) to Stafford's Point (now Stafford). It was the first railroad to begin operating in Texas, and the first standard gauge railroad west of the Mississippi River. The railway continued its extension westward until, in 1883, it linked with its eastward counterpart, completing the Sunset Route from Los Angeles to New Orleans. Today, the route of the BBB&C (now owned by the Union Pacific Railroad) is still an important and heavily operated railroad line.

In 1890, two real estate investors from Houston (R.M. Cash and L.E. Luckle) purchased four square miles of land directly on the route of the BBB&C, only a mile and a half from its first stop at Stafford's Point. They advertised the property as "a land of genial sunshine and eternal summer" in St. Louis, Missouri, and its surrounding areas. Three years later, W.R. McElroy purchased 80 acres (320,000 m2) in the same vicinity, and an effort to promote the area jointly with Cash and Luckle in St. Louis, he named it "Missouri City". Its first actual settlers were from Arlington, Texas, near Dallas and Fort Worth.

The settlement was officially registered in Texas in 1894, and began to take shape as a railroad town along present-day US 90A at Texas Parkway, then known as Main Street and Blue Ridge Road. Its growth took an unexpected turn when, on February 14, 1895, shortly after the first group of settlers had arrived, the town was hit with a blizzard. This discouraged some of the newcomers who gave up and moved elsewhere. Those unwavering stayed and found success in farming and ranching. Among its first businesses were a blacksmith shop, a depot, and a general store, which also housed the first post office. The first Catholic church was built in 1913, but was destroyed by a hurricane in 1915. The new church built to replace it stood until 1990. Oil was discovered in nearby Blue Ridge in 1919; soon after, a salt mine opened there. Missouri City became the railroad shipping point for these two resources. In 1925, at the same location, natural gas was discovered. After a pipeline had been constructed the following year, Missouri City became the first town in Fort Bend County to make use of natural gas.

With the benefit of a railroad, Missouri City had already been home to commuters who, by train, commuted to adjacent towns like Stafford's Point and Sugar Land to work. With the increase of automobiles and improvement of roads and highways in the early part of the 20th century, the developing community gradually attracted a wealth of newcomers. This gave birth to a new generation of passengers replacing railroad passengers that eventually became obsolete. By the 1950s, the town began to take shape as a notable "bedroom community" suburb of Houston.

After fear and rumor spread of possible annexation of the unincorporated town by Houston, town leaders scrambled to piece together a city government. On March 13, 1956, the community that began as a small settlement more than 55 years earlier was incorporated.

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