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This is a small portion of real-time planning with South Coast Movers and our customers along with stamped dates and time. These are a few of our customers that we have communicated with via text. Everyone can't be on their phones planning personal services or talking over the phone and being at their place of employment so we make it as convenient as possible to plan your move with our moving company.

South Coast Movers also gives verbal move quotes and book moves over the phone. After we give a verbal move quote, we follow up with a texted move quote or most of the time we just send out an email with an estimate and move confirmations.



Oscar O

     Hello, Oscar this is South Coast Movers, we tried to contact you for your in home estimate scheduled today at 12P.M. and nothing, we will have to reschedule for tomorrow morning, anytime after 10 A.M. Thank you.
7/2/17 11:16 AM

     Thanks for letting me know, Monday probably won't work for me. I have to work during the week and don't get home till 5:45. Tuesday I'm off, but it's a holiday. I can send you pics of the rooms of the furniture that needs to be moved if that will help. Sorry, I thought I sent this msg earlier this morning.
7/2/17 9:14 PM

     Pictures are fine, I can have someone out to your place about 10-11am tomorrow though. We are closing right about noon on the 4th. Just let me know if that will work.
7/3/17 8:07 AM

    Oscar, you are so all over the place LOL! let's just do an hourly rate and trip charge. Estimated Cost:

$*5 PER HR.
2 HR. MIN.
7/3/17 6:06 PM

     Yes I am! Here are the pics. Two bedroom suits, I'm selling one to the renters. Living room, dining room, family room, probably around ten to twelve boxes to load up. Entertainment center stays with the house. One bedroom is a king sz. bed, the other a queen sz. bed
7/3/17 6:17 PM


     The hourly rate should work best either way..Oscar, are we moving you on the 8th?
7/5/17 2:57 PM

     Yes sir! Give me a move time plz. What size storage unit do you believe I will need?
7/5/17 3:00 PM

     If that is all you have in the pics then a 10X10 unit or 10X15 storage will work depending on whether or not you want furniture stacked. Best time I have left for that move date is a 11-1 pm slot.
7/5/17 3:10 PM

     Ok, I'll probably get a larger unit so I can empty another storage that I have. Do you mean 11 am?
7/5/17 3:12 PM

     That would be your movers arrival time, between 11am & 1pm
7/5/17 3:13 PM

     Ok, sounds good. See your people between 11a and 1p this Sat. Thanks!
7/5/17 3:15 PM

     Yes, your movers will call or text you 1/2hr before they get out to your house.
7/5/17 3:16 PM

     Sounds good
7/5/17 3:16 PM

     Hello Oscar, South Coast Movers just a follow up on your recent move. I hope all went well and you will consider us on your move out. Have a great day!
7/18/17 9:36 AM

     I've saved your number. Thank you!
7/18/17 9:40 AM

June (Repeat customer)

     Hi June, South Coast Movers. I will try and get someone out earlier like 9 for your in-home estimate. Regardless someone will call you right before they get to your home on the 3rd.
7/2/17 8:07 AM

     Thank u
7/2/17 8:08 AM

     June, I am having someone stop by your place right at 9am on their way in this morning....OK?
7/3/17 8:03 AM

     I Saw ****t
7/3/17 9:42 AM

     Great, he just called me and updated your move/inventory. I will email you an estimate this afternoon.
7/3/17 9:50 AM

7/3/17 9:51 AM

     Hi June, sorry for the delayed move quote but I just sent it here: *******
7/3/17 4:30 PM

     Your move is more about miles, set-ups and stairs than actual furniture. R*** also noted that he would hand pad and wrap your patio chairs for ZERO scrapes or scratches. I have a great crew that will handle your move with the utmost of care.
7/3/17 5:04 PM

     I have reconsidered. And need assembly please make note and go to 18**.00 thank you see you guys. Thursday June
7/4/17 8:56 AM

     Ok, will do...happy 4th
7/4/17 11:25 AM

     Well June, I hope we are still on for your move? Slight problem, we ran out of 24'ft trucks BUT we have commercial accounts with, Budget, Uhaul and Ryder. so everything will be on time and move accordingly without missing a beat. 9AM
7/5/17 6:01 PM

     I have adjusted your cost to remove all debris and do all set-ups.
7/5/17 6:03 PM

     We are ready. Thanks for the bigger truck 20 ft would not work
7/5/17 9:34 PM

     Hi June, South Coast Movers. Just a follow up on your move services to see if everything was in order and your move cost was as it was quoted to you.
7/7/17 1:53 PM

       Great you are. A great Co. USA
7/7/17 1:56 PM

Jillian (Over 25 referals)

     Well Jillian, 3-4 moves and 20+! Looks like you are moving to a long term home now, GREAT! No way are we going to charge you for this are all set. Thanks for the love!
6/22/17 5:58 PM

     Wow! That's so generous! Thank you!!!!
6/22/17 6:13 PM

     You are absolutely welcome. Looking at your last move - off Richmond apt #** this correct?
6/22/17 6:31 PM

     Yes sir!
6/22/17 6:32 PM

     OK, you know the drill that your movers will call or text you 1/2hr before they get there a gate code?
6/22/17 6:35 PM

     They won't need it
6/22/17 6:37 PM

     OK, sorry to bother you so late, have great evening!
6/22/17 6:39 PM

     No bother at all, you made my day! You too.
6/22/17 6:39 PM

     Just closing out some invoices, happy house warming! I hope your regular movers did you great! Have a happy 4th!
7/3/17 5:46 PM

     They were great, as always! Thank you! Happy 4th!
7/3/17 5:53 PM

Darren E (Repeat customer)

     Hi Darren, South Coast Movers. Having several moves with our company I tried best I could to reflect that into your cost sent here: Dw*******
6/20/17 2:11 PM

     Darren, I'll set you move time between 11-1pm. That way you can be loaded out about the same time you pick up your key, let me know if that will work for you South Coast Movers
6/22/17 5:43 PM for me
6/22/17 5:44 PM

     Cool, your movers will call or text you 1/2hr before they get out to your place...Is there a gate code?
6/22/17 5:46 PM

     No gate...literally straight from my door 50ft up the sidewalk to the street
6/22/17 5:51 PM

     Darren, SCM. Do we need to back your move time to 10-12? If you do 9-11 your movers may by all loaded out and ready to unload before 12.
6/23/17 10:56 AM

     U text me yesterday and changed it to 11-1 for that exact reason...
6/23/17 11:22 AM

     movers in

     Correct, I saw the last update on your email as 9-11 so we're on the same page with 11-1pm now.
6/23/17 11:24 AM

     Ok cool
6/23/17 11:25 AM

     Darren, I just seen your move file 4-5 moves with us thanks a lot. I hope the rain delays didn't cause any problems.
6/27/17 9:58 AM

     Nah y'all did me great...appreciate everything
6/27/17 10:00 AM

Michelle W (Repeat customer)

     Michelle, South Coast Movers. I see this may be your 5th or 6th move with us. I can give you last years prices for 06/24/17 between 2-4pm

$** PER HR.
2 HR. MIN.
6/20/17 2:40 PM

     Excellent. Please book me between 2-4pm
6/20/17 3:19 PM

     OK, you are all set...your same movers will call or text you 1/2hr before they get out to your place but just expect them between 2-4pm. No worriers we'll take care of you as always.
6/20/17 6:43 PM

     Thanks you are awesome!!
6/20/17 6:52 PM

     Will you take accredit card payment on Saturday?
6/22/17 11:32 AM

     Yes or cash for your move, a credit card will be fine....
6/22/17 11:36 AM

     Just text me when you are 20 min out from **** Streamwood Ln Rosenberg tx 77469 Thanks

     Hi Michelle, South Coast Movers. Thanks for your patience with the rain delays. We're glad we got everything done despite the weather.
6/27/17 9:53 AM

     Thank you you guys did a terrific job. Hopefully I won't be moving anytime again soon but if I do I will give you a call. Thank you for the excellent customer service once again �


     Hi, this is Becky Adams, you have a crew coming out to move things for me later today. Here is the address for the storage facility in Alvin: Affordable
5/31/17 7:38 AM

     Storage 1**** S. Durant St Alvin 77511 Thanks for your help!
5/31/17 7:38 AM

     Thanks for the update, they'll call or text you 1/2 hr before they get out to your place. Is that going to be the first stop or Barras?
5/31/17 7:45 AM - Delivered ✔

     You're welcome. Barras will be the first stop
5/31/17 7:47 AM

     I see your time frame is between 11-1pm Can we get them out a little earlier...say about 10am?
5/31/17 8:08 AM - Delivered ✔

     I think we can do that. I'm about to go over there anyway
5/31/17 8:11 AM

     Great they'll still call or text you before they get there, I don't want you waiting at the storage if they are stuck in traffic or something.
5/31/17 8:14 AM - Delivered ✔

     No problem. It's actually at my house and I can do a few things while waiting.
5/31/17 8:15 AM

     Hi Becky, South Coast Movers. Just a follow up to see if your move came out as expected and cost as it was quoted.
6/12/17 4:33 PM - Delivered ✔

     Hi, everything went well with the move and the cost was what was quoted. They guys were great! Thank You
6/14/17 10:53 AM


     Drew are we still good for you move this afternoon? South Coast Movers
5/17/17 11:41 AM

     Yes, please!
5/17/17 11:42 AM

     Ok they should be there between 2-3 but they will call or text you 1/2hr before they get out to your place.
5/17/17 11:43 AM

5/17/17 11:43 AM

     Is the pick up fieldcroff ln. or fieldcross ln??
5/17/17 11:55 AM

     ***8 Fieldcross
5/17/17 11:59 AM

     Got it thanks
5/17/17 12:00 PM

     Hi Drew, South Coast Movers on a follow up with your move to see if your move cost was as quoted and move went accordingly.
6/12/17 4:46 PM

     Yes as quoted. They moved efficiently, and could have moved more boxes we had in allotted time, but didnt seem to want to add more boxes.
6/12/17 5:01 PM

     Cant complain about professionalism or work ethic, though. Overall im extremely satisfied with calling you and having your team help us.
6/12/17 5:07 PM

     Glade we could help, apologizes for the boxes but they normally don't move unsealed boxes if that were the case. Thanks for the input...
6/12/17 5:11 PM

     It was a great help and they were good guys.
6/12/17 5:12 PM

This format of open text is something we started back in March, 2017. Something that not only helps with communication but also gives our customers a majority of our discussions concerning their move, move cost, moving date etc.

Most people who do receive a good move simple does not have time or just don't care to give an online comment with Yelp, Google, Facebook and other media sites. There are a lot of moving companies, well not just moving companies but companies in general  that will give discounts for a few stars somewhere online.

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south coast movers reviews

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