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This is a small portion of real-time planning with South Coast Movers and our customers along with stamped dates and time. These are a few of our customers that we have communicated with via text. Everyone can't be on their phones planning personal services or talking over the phone and being at their place of employment so we make it as convenient as possible to plan your move with our moving company.

South Coast Movers also gives verbal move quotes and book moves over the phone. After we give a verbal move quote, we follow up with a texted move quote or most of the time we just send out an email with an estimate and move confirmations.




     Jay, South Coast Movers. Your storage/office move has been confirmed on 1-4-18 between 9-11am.
1/3/18 1:29 PM

     Ok thanks. ***15 s. Gessner houston tx 77071. Pick up location. Gessner storage..
1/3/18 1:29 PM

     Got it, your office / storage move is all set, thanks for the update.
1/3/18 1:33 PM

     Remember your movers will give you a 1/2 hr heads up before they get to your storage this morning.
1/4/18 9:08 AM

     Ok thanks
1/4/18 9:20 AM

     Can't find your move to, is this it?: **15 Velaror 77083
1/4/18 9:29 AM

     ****5 Belarbor houston tx 77033
1/4/18 9:29 AM

1/4/18 9:30 AM

     Jay, just a follow up to see how our move service went and was your quoted price what you were charged for your move.
1/4/18 3:25 PM

1/4/18 3:54 PM

Hector S

     Hector, South Coast Movers. Your are all set for 12-30-17 / between 12-2pm Your movers will call or text you 1/2hr before they get to your home.
12/16/17 9:14 AM

     Thank you
12/16/17 9:14 AM

     Just want to make sure we are still on for tomorrow between 12-2 pm?
12/29/17 8:02 AM

     You're all set Hector your movers will call you right before they get out.
12/29/17 8:16 AM

     Ok. Thanks
12/29/17 8:16 AM

     Good morning Hector. Can we get a crew out there about 11am?? Just trying to beat the rain and cold weather.
12/30/17 9:36 AM

     Yes. We are on our way now. We can be there by 10:15-10-30
12/30/17 9:37 AM

     Ok good.
12/30/17 9:41 AM

     Hector, South Coast Movers. Just a follow up to see if your moving service went accordingly and your move cost was as stated from our office.
1/2/18 2:55 PM

     Yes it was. Thanks
1/2/18 2:56 PM

Missy H

     Your estimated hrs for your move are between 3-4hrs $**0 - $**5. The $**5 is for a 2hr minimum cost.
12/14/17 12:45 PM

     Hey ****f. Mrs. H here. Just confirming tomorrow’s appointment with the movers at 11am? Thanks!
12/15/17 2:17 PM

     You're all set. Your window is between 10-12. So 11 may be the number but they'll call or text you 1/2hr before they get to your place.
12/15/17 2:21 PM

     Ok thanks so much
12/15/17 2:26 PM

     Hey J****, meant to ask what form of payment do you take? Thanks. Missy
12/16/17 8:18 AM

     Good morning Missy, cash or credit card. Either way your movers will leave you with a receipt.
12/16/17 8:59 AM

     Sweet :) thanks
12/16/17 9:02 AM

     Missy, South Coast Movers. Just a follow up on our moving service and if your price was as quoted?
12/21/17 3:43 PM

     Yep! All good.
12/21/17 3:44 PM

     Great! Happy holidays.
12/21/17 3:45 PM

     Thanks. Same to you.
12/21/17 3:46 PM

Arely L (Several moves)

     Arely, we got your move form. South Coast Movers. Just a question: will you need us to take down and set up beds and appliances?
12/1/17 5:04 PM

     Appliances are downstairs I will have to check and get back to you on the appliances. The beds yes need to be set up, Do you protect furniture?
12/1/17 5:13 PM

     Yes everything that is moved will be padded and covered. I will add in the bed set-ups. Let me know about the appliances and I will send you an exact move quote. We are good for the move date you choose.
12/1/17 5:21 PM

     Either Monday or Tuesday next week
12/1/17 5:24 PM

     We're good for either day. Just let us know which day and the appliances.
12/1/17 5:26 PM

     Could you send me a quote with the appliances and without the appliances
12/1/17 5:26 PM

     Sure can, we'll text you when we send the quote. to: is*****
12/1/17 5:29 PM

     Great thank you
12/1/17 5:30 PM

     GM Arely, your move quote was just emailed to you. Call, text or email back if you have any questions or would like to confirm.
12/2/17 9:29 AM

     I’m sorry I still didn’t get it. Could you send it to is*******
12/2/17 11:20 AM

     I found the move quote I forgot to add a garden table with umbrella 5 chairs and a bench
12/2/17 12:25 PM

     How about we add the patio furniture, do the appliance set-up and make it an even $**0? Let us know, that move date is getting close.
12/2/17 5:21 PM

       Do you take credit card. Can I confirm tomorrow I’m waiting my bosses response.
12/2/17 5:22 PM

12/2/17 5:22 PM

     Could you please confirm?
12/2/17 7:12 PM

     Yes it is confirmed...we are closed and I just happened to have signed back on to find a driver...they'll call/text you 1/2hr before they get to your house Mon. Have a great evening.
12/2/17 7:15 PM

     Thank you
12/2/17 7:21 PM

     GM Arely, just an early heads ups. Your movers should be at your house right about 10am today.
12/4/17 9:07 AM

     Great thank you
12/4/17 9:13 AM

     Hello Arely, South Coast Movers. Just a follow up to see if your service was on par with your last move with us.
12/6/17 1:54 PM

       Once again yes thank you for the follow up the guys were amazingly good the only thing was that I was charged for appliances hook up but they didn’t connect them.
12/6/17 1:59 PM

     Yes, I see some notes on here about water line and gas line issues in which they could not connect. The movers stated they moved a lot more and didn't charge you to even it out.
12/6/17 2:08 PM

     Ok I see, that was fare then. Thanks again!
12/6/17 2:14 PM

Nancy M (5 moves over years)

     Hello Nancy, South Coast Movers. I did come across 4 of your moves and FM 1092 was the last move to. I can give you a 9-11am window for 11-28 Tue., if that will work for you. I will also give you your last move rates.
11/26/17 4:05 PM

     Great. Thank u. I’ll send the stop before *****8 Connie’s ***t Missouri City.
11/26/17 4:07 PM

     OK, your movers will call or text you 1/2hr before they get there.
11/26/17 4:09 PM

     Great. Tk u 2nd stop for bed. Put it in the garage then on to Connie’s ***t. **5 lake walk court, Missouri City 77459.
11/26/17 4:10 PM

     OK, got extra charge for the extra stop, for a long time customer.
11/26/17 5:13 PM

11/26/17 5:16 PM

     GM Nancy, is 3*5 fm 1092 the first stop?
11/28/17 9:17 AM

     Yes it is. Room 1***. It’s Ready
11/28/17 9:17 AM

     OK, your movers should be there right at 10am
11/28/17 9:19 AM

11/28/17 9:20 AM

     Hi Mancy, South Coast Movers. Just a follow up to see if all went well with your move.

     It was great thank you
11/30/17 10:43 AM

     Sorry for the misspell, we all know you by now. Enjoy this pretty day!
11/30/17 10:52 AM


     Howard, South Coast Movers. You are all set-up for the 21st Nov. All I need is your move from and move to addresses.
11/14/17 10:43 AM

     Thanks. I am moving from ***5 Avenida LaQuinta st. Houston TX 77077 to 1**** Louetta Rd, Spring TX 77388
11/14/17 11:28 AM

     OK you are set between 12-1pm Your movers will call or text you 1/2hr before they get out to your place.
11/14/17 11:32 AM

     Ok thanks
11/14/17 2:35 PM

     Good move sir, just was to confirmed the move today and it is possible to be here earlier around 11:00pm
11/21/17 7:42 AM

     GM Howard. I can actually get you a crew about 10am. That would work for us just let me know.
11/21/17 8:26 AM

     Sure 10 is ok
11/21/17 8:27 AM

     Ok we'll shoot for 10am. They still should call or text you about 30 mins before they get there.
11/21/17 8:30 AM

     Ok thanks
11/21/17 8:44 AM

     Howard, South Coast Movers. The guys said you had a little more than we thought but I hope all when well.
11/21/17 4:25 PM

     All goes well. Thanks
11/21/17 4:26 PM

     Thanks for the input. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
11/21/17 4:29 PM

       Same to you
11/21/17 6:01 PM

Bailey F

     Bailey, South Coast Movers. Your move quote was stuck in our out box. I just sent it to this email: ba******
11/6/17 3:05 PM

     Good morning Bailey, South Coast Movers. We got your confirmation on the move. We'll set it up for that date and time in your move quote. Your movers will call or text you 1/2hr before they get to your place.
11/7/17 9:40 AM

     Hello! what time on the 18th will they be there?
11/7/17 9:41 AM

     How about a window of arrival time between 9-11am?
11/7/17 9:42 AM

     perfect. thank you!
11/7/17 9:43 AM

     Bailey, South Coast Movers. Just checking to see if your inventory has changed or not because you are on a flat rate cost meaning it is a per item cost. Let me know if there are any changes to your emailed move quote.
11/17/17 1:47 PM

     I think everything is pretty much the same! Thanks for checking. I have a quick question: would I be able to pay with a card tomorrow or should I use a check?
11/17/17 4:17 PM

     GM, It needs to be cash or credit card. You will get a receipt either way. Your movers look like they will be there right about 10am
11/18/17 8:19 AM

     awesome! thank you very much
11/18/17 8:22 AM

     GM Bailey, South Coast Movers. Just a follow up on your moving service with us to see if it was what you expected and that your move quote was what you actually paid.
11/21/17 8:29 AM

       hello! the two men who helped me were awesome, r**** and I can't remember the other man's name. But they were very polite, kind and efficient. I paid exactly what I was quoted. Will definitely use y'all again! thank you!
11/21/17 8:43 AM

     Nice to hear, have a Happy Thanksgiving!
11/21/17 8:46 AM

This format of open text is something we started back in March, 2017. Something that not only helps with communication but also gives our customers a majority of our discussions concerning their move, move cost, moving date etc.

Most people who do receive a good move simple does not have time or just don't care to give an online comment with Yelp, Google, Facebook and other media sites. There are a lot of moving companies, well not just moving companies but companies in general  that will give discounts for a few stars somewhere online.

There are even people who have contacted us on how they can post 5 Star reviews on Yelp and other reviews services for a fee. South Coast Movers would not suggest for any business to adopt these practices. A Company has to realize once their company start paying for this type or service should be warned that they can not stop paying for that type of reviews for their company. Why? Because these same unscrupulous people can remove the 5 stars they fraudulently posted and begin to 1 star your company or write scams about your company if they are not paid.

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south coast movers reviews

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