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This is a small portion of real-time planning with South Coast Movers and our customers along with stamped dates and time. These are a few of our customers that we have communicated with via text. Everyone can't be on their phones planning personal services or talking over the phone and being at their place of employment so we make it as convenient as possible to plan your move with our moving company.

South Coast Movers also gives verbal move quotes and book moves over the phone. After we give a verbal move quote, we follow up with a texted move quote or most of the time we just send out an email with an estimate and move confirmations.




     You are all set for tomorrow, your movers will call or text you 1/2hr before they get out to your place. South Coast Movers.
5/5/17 7:27 PM

     Fantastic, thank you. Can you tell me amount , I live in Corpus Christi and need to go to my bank in the morning before heading out, thank you
5/5/17 7:34 PM

     Well your updated inventory you sent today is the same as we quoted you on as $**5 So that still stands as your total cost.
5/5/17 7:42 PM

     Great, thanks!
5/5/17 7:47 PM

     Hi Esmi, South Coast Movers just doing a follow up to see if your move cost and move when well.
6/12/17 4:48 PM

     Hello, yes it went just fine, we were pleased. I will recommend your business and use again. Thank you for asking.
6/12/17 5:04 PM

Leslie B

     Leslie, South Coast Movers - can you send your storage address. The last update did not save it
6/6/17 9:13 AM

     11*** hwy 6 Fresno tx

     You are set between 9-11am this morning but look closer to 11. They will call or text you 1/2hr before they get to your storage.
6/6/17 9:29 AM


     Hello, South Coast Movers, just a follow up to see if everything went well with your move and was it within our estimated cost.
6/8/17 10:54 AM

     Yes everything was great... thanks
6/12/17 4:57 PM


     Hello Honey, this is South Coast Movers. We have you Booked between 7- 9am Sun Please confirm with you MOVE from address.
6/3/17 7:04 PM

     Yes, we are on for Sunday. ****3 Tawakon Dr Pearland 77584 Park Village
6/3/17 8:38 PM

     Hello Honey, South Coast Movers. Just a follow up as to note if our movers got you loaded out as planned and cost was inline with our quote
6/12/17 4:38 PM

     Yes sir, thank you!☺

Cheryl C (Long time customer)

      Remember to send us your move to address between now and the day before your move. South Coast Movers
4/3/17 11:48 AM

     Hi yes as soon as I finalize my apt #. Going back and forth on two. Should finalize next day or so. Move date May 2nd am. Thanks so much be in touch later in week
4/3/17 11:49 AM

     Hi guys happy Monday! New address moving to is *** City Center **2 Town *** Way Apt ** Houston Texas 77024 I-10/Gessner area right off I-10 7th floor right off parking garage and there are elevators. I'm getting rid of all my furniture except my bed and vanity before my move so less going ߙⰟ蘠Have great week Cheryl
4/10/17 1:20 PM

     I'll try and cut your price down and at least give you a rate from 3 years ago. Do we have a move time?
4/10/17 1:53 PM

     Ok between 9-11am
4/10/17 1:58 PM

     Thank you so much
4/10/17 1:58 PM

      Just checking in with you to see if we are still on tomorrow. South Coast Movers
5/1/17 11:08 AM

      Hi yes we're on yippee! I was going to touch base with you in few. What will charge be so I can get cash. I have freight elevator reserved from 9- noon. It won't take long since I gave all my furniture away except bedroom stuff and lots of boxes and small tv
5/1/17 11:10 AM

      For a long time customer I'll give you yester-years prices at $** per hr / $** trip. Your movers will call you 1/2hr before they get to your place.
5/1/17 11:14 AM

      Perfect thank you so much
5/1/17 11:14 AM

      It was great to see guys again! That's again for my special pricing :-)
5/2/17 1:15 PM

      Any time Cheryl, enjoy your new place.
5/2/17 1:33 PM

      Hi I gave your number to Shannon a friend of mine. I used to live next to her at 755 international Blvd. She"s downsizing from 2 bedroom to 1 bedroom and apts are right next to each other. Just wanted to give you heads up. Have great day
6/5/17 6:07 PM

      OK, I'll look for a Shannon on the radar, we'll take care of her. Thank you and have a great day!!
6/6/17 9:03 AM

Fake Customer (Scam)

     Hi I'm William I'll like to know if you do Moving Service and what method of payment do you accept ? If yes get back to me asap. Thank you
5/2/17 10:33 PM

      Yes, moving is the nature of our business - credit cards and cash.
5/3/17 10:51 AM

     Thanks for the response i just bought a new house and i want to relocate from the old house to my new house i will like you to understand that am hearing impaired that's reason why i text you and how much do you charge per hour i want some guys crew with 1 truck plus gas fees can you handle that for me ?
5/3/17 11:17 AM

     Where is your current home and new home? How many sq feet? You can send me more details to q*****
5/3/17 11:21 AM

     Please do provide me with the total cost of the Moving of the Service and here's the address of the house... you will be moving from :**2 Mission Valley Dr, Missouri City, TX 3 beds 2 baths 1,323 ***3 Wheeler Branch Trl,Austin, TX 4 beds 2 baths 2,470 sqft i will like to make a deposit for the proper handling and estimation of the property .Before you go for the service kindly understand that the property key is still with the initial owner so kindly bear me little favor. i will like to hear from you soon?
5/3/17 11:56 AM

     I think an in-home estimate would be the best thing to do at this point. We can set-up a time and date.
5/3/17 12:13 PM

     Ok I would need a little favor from you because am presently recuperating from the diagnosis of lung Cancer and am still in the hospital. I'm having a little problem with The initial owner of the house because I only paid 85% payment of the Property. She does not have the facility to accept credit card payment for me to balance her so please i will need a little favor from you in respect on that please. Please do reply me if we can work things out Ok? I will like you to get back to me with your Full name, Address
5/3/17 1:58 PM

      key will be deliver.
5/3/17 1:58 PM

5/4/17 11:09 AM

Terri H (Moved several times)

     Hi Terri, South Coast Movers. Got your message, end of the month for us is extremely busy. We have your last address. We just need a move date and time. Texting this landline or emailing me may be quicker. *****
4/29/17 8:58 AM

     Driving, can't text.
4/29/17 8:58 AM

     Hi!!! Bought a condo in Clearlake. Can you do it Saturday May 13! New address is **** Egret Bay Blvd, Houston, 77***. Anytime is fine for that Saturday. How does that sound?
4/29/17 10:38 AM

     Yes, that's fine but we never got your current address for some reason. Oh and is you new place ground flr, 2sty, elv...what?
4/29/17 10:44 AM

     Ok the address I am moving from is *****. Brasewood Blvd. #***9, Houston, 77096. My new place is up one flight of stairs which goes directly to my door. You can park right at the stairs. No elevator. My Brasewood apt is 1st floor. So is that Saturday ok?
4/29/17 10:52 AM

      That day should be fine. I need to double check tho....our weekends book out fast.
4/29/17 11:00 AM

      Driving, can't text.
4/29/17 11:00 AM

     Awesome!! Let me know!!
4/29/17 11:16 AM

     Thank you!!
4/29/17 11:17 AM

      Hi Terri slight stated in this text that you wanted to move on May 13th...we are booked out on the 6th. I am sorry you misread your calendar. we can move you on either the 5th (Fri) or 7th (Sun) Let me know if this will work.
5/1/17 1:34 PM

      That's ok. I will catch you on another move. Thank you for considering everything. Have a good evening.
5/1/17 6:28 PM

Jenn (Repeat customer)

     This is Jenn, from earlier. Wanted you to know it'll be cash tomorrow.
3/15/17 7:55 PM

      Great my manager just told me anything in storage has to be cash. new ETA is between 10-11am
3/15/17 7:57 PM - Delivered ✔

    Perfect! Thank you a million times over!
3/15/17 7:59 PM

      Your movers should be there about 1130-12
3/16/17 10:38 AM - Delivered ✔

      Okie dokie. It's been a shi!!y morning so glad they are behind too. Still have them for 8?
3/16/17 10:38 AM

      8+ hours
3/16/17 10:50 AM - Delivered ✔

      Sweet ߘ鼯span>
3/16/17 10:51 AM
      Jen I called and got your vmail. Fri is fine but I will need your pick up address and move to address.
4/18/17 11:10 AM - Delivered ✔

      Driving. I'll send over shortly :)
4/18/17 11:11 AM

      Loading from ***** Brownstone Pl, Pearland, TX 77584 (Public Storage - 10x20 storage unit - FULL) and taking to **** Portsmouth, Pearland 77584. It's about 1/2 miles away. Moving into a 2 story.
4/18/17 12:01 PM

      I'll set up your move between 9-11am. on the 21st. The same movers will be back out and they will call you 1/2hr before they get out to your place.
4/18/17 12:34 PM - Delivered ✔

      Fantastic!! Do you have an estimate of cost?
4/18/17 12:35 PM

      I'll take $100 off since you don't have the packing to do this time but you have stairs so we'll be right at $800. I hope this works, you have a very good crew coming back out.
4/18/17 12:38 PM - Delivered ✔

      Sounds great! See them Friday :)
4/18/17 12:39 PM

      Yes between 9-11, they will call or text you 1/2hr before they get to the storage.
4/20/17 12:28 PM - Delivered ✔

      Good deal. Thank you 
4/21/17 6:21 PM

      Hey Jen, ****** said he attached your frig to the water line and don't know if he turned the water on...also please check to see if there are any drips on the line...if so you'll need to dress the fitting with Teflon tape. Hope all is well!
4/21/17 5:49 PM - Delivered ✔

      Cool. Will do. Thank you! They are awesome!! Great job!!!
4/21/17 6:21 PM

This format of open text is something we started back in March, 2017. Something that not only helps with communication but also gives our customers a majority of our discussions concerning their move, move cost, moving date etc.

Most people who do receive a good move simple does not have time or just don't care to give an online comment with Yelp, Google, Facebook and other media sites. There are a lot of moving companies, well not just moving companies but companies in general  that will give discounts for a few stars somewhere online.

There are even people who have contacted us on how they can post 5 Star reviews on Yelp and other reviews services for a fee. South Coast Movers would not suggest for any business to adopt these practices. A Company has to realize once their company start paying for this type or service should be warned that they can not stop paying for that type of reviews for their company. Why? Because these same unscrupulous people can remove the 5 stars they fraudulently posted and begin to 1 star your company or write scams about your company if they are not paid.

Movers to and from:

Dallas / Fort Worth - Austin - San Antonio - Lufkin - Lubbock - Corpus Christi - Beaumont - College Station - Bryan - Galveston

South Coast Movers can get you moved from "Houston to Fort Worth" as well as moving you from "Houston to Humble". Need a packing service for your city to city move? See our low prices when moving from Houston to Fort Worth Texas. If you are planning a DIY move to Forth Worth to Houston, South Coast Movers can help you load out your rental truck or POD. Call us if you are driving in to Dallas / Fort Worth area and need your rental Budget truck loaded. We'll bring out all the equipment that will be needed to load or unload your truck. For more details on loading and unloading your truck, just follow load and unload my rental. 

Need Movers in Humble Texas?

We can get you moved from anywhere around Houston to or from Humble Texas or just a local moving in Humble TX. Call us or follow "Movers in Humble". When calling, ask to compare our hourly rate moving prices to our flat rate moving prices in or around the city of Houston. We can provide you with loading or unloading help only or a full moving crew and movers and packers. Call today and get a move estimate for you move today.

south coast movers reviews

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