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This is a small portion of real-time planning with South Coast Movers and our customers along with stamped dates and time. These are a few of our customers that we have communicated with via text. Everyone can't be on their phones planning personal services or talking over the phone and being at their place of employment so we make it as convenient as possible to plan your move with our moving company.

South Coast Movers also gives verbal move quotes and book moves over the phone. After we give a verbal move quote, we follow up with a texted move quote or most of the time we just send out an email with an estimate and move confirmations.



Jenna Z (Two moves)

     I do have an upholstered chair I need moved, I forgot that now. And a big box with side panels and a twin mattress pad, 
10/25/17 6:04 PM

     Jenna, it maybe just better to go with the hourly rate and get all of this done for $**5.
10/25/17 6:10 PM

     I'm sending you a photo of what I'm talking about. Okay so it's $*5 an hour?
10/25/17 6:11 PM

     Jenna, we'll hash it out...but we closed at 6. We will get you a reasonable rate. Don't worry about it. Have a good evening.
10/25/17 6:19 PM

     I didn't know you were to you tomorrow goodnight
bed and boxes

bed frame and boxes
10/25/17 6:20 PM

     I will add in the mattress, the 3 lg. boxes and the chair and we'll keep it at $**5.
10/26/17 3:38 PM

     I'll just go with the hourly rate move you first presented
10/26/17 6:29 PM

     OK we'll go back to the hourly rate. All is set and your movers will call or text you 1/2hr before they get out to your place.
10/27/17 2:00 PM

     I have all the boxes near the door. Is that going to mess them or do they usually load the furniture first?
11/8/17 12:12 PM

     It's okay don't worry about it.
11/10/17 7:31 AM

     I hope to see your guys early AM tomorrow!!
11/15/17 4:46 PM

     We'll be out, just expect them between 9-11am
11/15/17 5:40 PM

11/16/17 7:27 AM

     Your movers should be there in about 30-40 mins. is there a gate code?
11/16/17 9:39 AM

     CThe The gate code 1025 I think Use right hand gate All the the way back to dumpster Then turn left Stop after second set of garages,

11/16/17 11:58 AM

     Hi Jenna, South Coast Movers. Just a follow up to see if you got the service you received on a past move with us?
11/17/17 1:42 PM

     Good but I don't think these guys were as experienced with storage beds though...
11/17/17 5:19 PM

Ron B

     South Coast Movers

$*0 PER HR.
2 HR. MIN.
11/14/17 1:46 PM

     this is the storage location
storage in
11/14/17 2:15 PM

     Ok, I need the move to address. I can get you in on 11-16-17 between 11-1pm
11/14/17 2:18 PM

     Ms. Boyle is contact to get the store open call at this number 832- **2-0**6 on thursday
11/14/17 2:42 PM

     Ok, she will have the key and gate code correct?
11/14/17 2:43 PM

     yes just call her early so she can be there when you get there at the same time sir
11/14/17 2:44 PM

     We'll see you Thurs. Have a great day!
11/14/17 2:49 PM

     i forgot to give you the name of my apartment which is call citychase apartment and the gate code is ***6 see you soon
11/16/17 9:33 AM

     They will call you when they leave the storage.
11/16/17 9:34 AM

     call her on the number i gave to you what time are going to be at the storage cause my mother n law has to take care of something she want to make sure she get there on time to let you in
11/16/17 11:55 AM

     I'll pass this update along to your movers.
11/16/17 11:59 AM

     Ron, South Coast Movers. Just a follow up to see if your move cost came out as quoted to you.
11/17/17 1:43 PM

       yes it did thank you so much they did a great job thank you so much
11/17/17 3:38 PM


     Melanie, South Coast Movers. Just a follow up on a quote we sent you 2wks ago for a flat rate of $**5 for your move. Let us know if you want to set it up or need more information.
11/14/17 11:37 AM

     Thank you but i have decided to go in a different direction. Thank you for your time and much success!
11/14/17 11:44 AM

     OK good luck, keep our number if you find yourself in need of help.
11/14/17 11:47 AM

     I certainly will, blessings on your business
11/14/17 11:47 AM

Tim B

     Tim, South Coast Movers. I didn't forget about you. I have an opening for 11-3 anytime before noon. please advise if you still need our service.
11/1/17 4:40 PM

     How about 10am?
11/1/17 4:45 PM

     I have your addresses and contact number. $**5 total is the best I can do for that date. I can get you a window between 10-12. Your movers will give you a 1/2hr heads up call/text before they get to the pick up.
11/1/17 4:49 PM

     Sounds fine
11/1/17 5:15 PM

     You are all set...have a great evening! Go Astros!
11/1/17 5:29 PM

     Tim, is this the move to: 1***7 Denmon St. 77019
11/3/17 9:26 AM

11/3/17 9:49 AM

     OK...your movers should be at the pick up about 11am but they will still call you first.
11/3/17 9:57 AM

     Our agreement was 10, wasn't it? I have a little league soccer game at 11
11/3/17 9:58 AM

     Your pick up window was between 10-12 and 11 is in that window.
11/3/17 9:59 AM

     Ok I see
11/3/17 10:12 AM

     Hello Tim, South Coast Movers. Just a follow up on your service to see if your move quote and service was what you had expected.
11/6/17 3:33 PM

       You guys did great!
11/7/17 10:51 AM

     Thanks for the input Tim. Have a great day!
11/7/17 10:52 AM

Alla S

     Alla, South Coast Movers. I have another time slot between 12-1pm Sat.
10/27/17 2:42 PM

     I will let her know
10/27/17 2:43 PM

     3*** Dunvale rd, apt 1***6 She can do 10-12 Please confirm
10/27/17 3:05 PM

     Can't do 10-12 I stated between 12-1pm Sat
10/27/17 3:10 PM

     Move to: 6**** rancho Bauer Dr, Houston tx 77079
10/27/17 3:43 PM

     OK, you're all set
10/27/17 3:47 PM

     GM, Your movers should be there right about 11am this morning OK? South Coast Movers
10/31/17 9:29 AM

     Gm OK
10/31/17 9:35 AM

     Alla, South Coast Movers. Just closing out and checking if your move quote and service is what you expected it to be....your input would be great.
11/1/17 4:46 PM

     Everything was good thank you
11/2/17 11:18 AM

Louise C

     Louise, South Coast Movers. Are we still on for your move this morning?
11/1/17 9:08 AM

     Yes U have a eta?
11/1/17 9:09 AM

     They should be there right about 1030.
11/1/17 9:10 AM

     Ok thanks you!
11/1/17 9:12 AM

     Louise, South Coast Movers. Just closing out and checking if your move quote and service was what you expected it to be.
11/1/17 4:43 PM

     Yes it was. They did great! Thanks
11/1/17 4:46 PM

     Thanks for the input...have a great evening!
11/1/17 4:49 PM

Jennifer B (Several moves)

     Hi. It's jennifer b***. Tomorrow's move between 11&1 will be perfect. We will be moving from *****4 Lemac drive 77096 stopping at the pro guard storage facility on north braeswood then to the rent house at 1** Alexander 770**. Please confirm and THANK YOU SO MUCH!
8/31/17 12:00 PM

     OK, you are all set. Your movers will call or text you 1/2hr before they get out to your place. But just expect them between 11-1pm
8/31/17 2:11 PM

     Thank you so much.. They did a great job, thank you!!!!
8/31/17 2:13 PM

     Well good to hear and I told ya we would take care of you! You guys are way ahead of our fellow Houstonians, take day at a time.
9/1/17 6:15 PM
     It's jennifer B***** again. We are ready to schedule round two of our move, this time to storage. Any chance you could have someone come Friday? We need to move things from Meyer land area to the heights making stops at old house, old storage and bringing them to new storage and new house.
9/4/17 8:43 AM

     Sure we can get back out this Friday, Is there a new pick up address we need?

     No let's start at 4**** Lemac please. Thank you!!
9/4/17 9:39 AM

     OK I'll get back with a pick up time...
9/4/17 9:40 AM

     I can get you in between 9-11am this Fri if that time will work for you.
9/5/17 8:17 AM

     Perfect. Thank you!!
9/5/17 8:17 AM

     Just an early heads up. Your movers should be at Lamac right about 1030 if we are still on for today South Coast Movers.
9/8/17 7:54 AM

       We are. Thank you so much!
9/8/17 7:57 AM

     Hello Jennifer, South Coast Movers. Just a follow up to see if all when well with your second move.
9/18/17 4:38 PM

     Yes ..Great and thanks again!
9/18/17 4:51 PM
     Jennifer, South Coast Movers. Are we still good for your move tomorrow? if so are we going to start at Lamac and then pick-up at your storage?
10/9/17 5:30 PM

     Yes please!
10/9/17 5:30 PM

     Ok, they'll call or text you 1/2hr before they get out there.
10/9/17 5:31 PM

     9 ish right?
10/9/17 5:31 PM

     Between 9-11, they will give you their exact ETA on their way out
10/9/17 5:33 PM

     Great move once again...I may have one more move. I will let you know.
10/11/17 1:16 PM

     Good to hear, let us know we'll be hear...have a great day!
10/11/17 1:38 PM

This format of open text is something we started back in March, 2017. Something that not only helps with communication but also gives our customers a majority of our discussions concerning their move, move cost, moving date etc.

Most people who do receive a good move simple does not have time or just don't care to give an online comment with Yelp, Google, Facebook and other media sites. There are a lot of moving companies, well not just moving companies but companies in general  that will give discounts for a few stars somewhere online.

There are even people who have contacted us on how they can post 5 Star reviews on Yelp and other reviews services for a fee. South Coast Movers would not suggest for any business to adopt these practices. A Company has to realize once their company start paying for this type or service should be warned that they can not stop paying for that type of reviews for their company. Why? Because these same unscrupulous people can remove the 5 stars they fraudulently posted and begin to 1 star your company or write scams about your company if they are not paid.

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south coast movers reviews

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