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Moving to or from Bryan and College Station

Movers to College Station / Bryan Texas from Houston or moving from College Station Texas. South Coast Movers can get you moved to or from the College Station area. Do you need a move quote from a city to another city? We can get you that estimate, just call us today and we'll help get you moved from the College Station / Bryan or get you moved to any city near Bryan.

We can help with your relocation to or from Houston whether you need a small one bedroom move, an office move or get your single family home furnishings moved. Fill out the short form below or this more exact request Flat Rate Move Quote (same 10% when you fill out this form). For a city to city estimate either way, we'll send that free move quote right to your e-mail. South Coast Movers will help plan your city to city, to or from Houston within Texas. We can also give you a great move quote to or from Bryan too. Do you need movers and packers? Well, we can help with the packing service of your move as well as getting you moved from one city to another city, we'll give you two estimates.

How much does it cost to move to or from College Station to Houston & cost to move from Bryan to Houston

  • The cost of moving to or from Houston to College Station can vary, so let's get an ideal of the cost based on a basic 1 bedroom apartment. Just add in the square footage (400 square feet to 700 square feet). Adding in the average miles of approximately 100 will give you a move cost between $800 and $1100.
  • Moving from Houston to Bryan can be calculated in the same way as the above mentioned with a move from College Station to Houston. Same calculations with adding in more miles.

Key factors that will increase or decrease the cost of a move

  1. Hourly rate: Total time spent on a move with a trip charge to your place.
  2. Stairs: 2nd floor, 3rd floor 3sty 4sty and loading / unloading an elevator.
  3. Miles: Most moving companies charge for miles, fuel and return miles.
  4. Load distance: The average walking distance is 100' or less. 200' + doubles the time.
  5. Setups: Washer - dryer - refrigerator - beds - dresser & mirror

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Movers to and from:

 Dallas / Fort Worth - Austin / San Antonio - Huntsville - Victoria - Corpus Christi - Beaumont - "College Station" / "Bryan" - Galveston - Houston

Planning a DIY move from College Station to the Houston area? South Coast Movers can help you load out your rental truck or POD. Call us if you are driving in to Houston and need your rental Uhaul, Budget Truck or Penski unloaded. We'll bring out all the moving equipment that will be needed to load or unload your truck or POD. For more details on loading and unloading trucks or portable storage, just follow load and unload my rental.

Need Movers in Katy Texas?

When calling, ask to compare our hourly rate moving to our flat rate moving in or around the city of Houston. We can provide you with loading or unloading help only or a full moving crew, movers and packers. Call today and get an estimate on moving today.

Also moving to and from these neighboring cities near College Station Texas:

Brenham, TX - Conroe - Tomball, TX - The Woodlands - Katy - Waco, TX - Spring - Mauriceville - Temple, TX

                          to / from Bryan

Click Questions for Answers

I need to move from Houston to Higgins

Yes we can get you moved from Higgins TX to Houston or any city local to Houston Texas. Call us to get an estimate for your Higgins move.

Can you relocate me from Rose City?

Yes we can get you moved from Rose City and in most cases, we can get a city to city moved in one day.

I need city to city movers - can you get me relocated within Texas?

Yes we can help you with your city to city move whether your cities are as close as Pearland to Clear Lake or from Houston to Dallas. Below in this image charts the average cost to move to and from the greater Houston area. Tell us where you want to move to or from - city to city or within your own city. Give us a call and we'll give you a move quote for your city to city move.

city to city moving

How much does it cost to get moved from Cheek TX?

We can get you a move estimate from Cheek. According to the size of your home, miles from point to point, apartment, office or storage. These factors will determine the cost of your move. Call us today and we'll give you an estimate for that Cheek Texas move.

I need movers to move from Vidor TX to a small city near Houston, can you move me there?

Yes we can move from or to Vidor Texas to a neighboring city of Houston. Go HERE for an exact move quote with an online discount.

I'm driving in from Pine Forest - can you unload my truck when I get to Spring TX?

Yes we can unload or load your rental truck. We will also bring out all the moving equipment needed to get you unloaded at your Spring residence done quickly.

I have a storage in Lakewood - can you load the storage unit up and move to Houston?

Yes, we can move your storage from Lakewood to Houston normally within one day in most cases.

Does your moving company offer any kind of discounts?

We can give you a 10% discount if you use our online move form . Another way you can save money on your move (up to 25%) watch this short 2 minute VIDEO. It's just about ten simple tips on cost cutting your move.
How much does it cost to pack and move to Volth Texas?
We can give you an estimate on packing and moving to Volth, Give us a call and we'll get you a Volth Texas move estimate in writing.

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